The Questions New-age Entrepreneurs Need Answers to…

Entrepreneurs are the new BLACK! Following (so they claim) the footsteps of STEVE JOBS, BILL GATES, MARK ZUCKERBERG, and fellow off-screen practical life celebrities, everyone who is not willing not be on screen is determined to be an entrepreneur. Or so it seems! It is not possible to blame anyone either, I mean come on! Dropping out of college, being frustrated still keeping on and finally building an empire … and all in one paragraph or a 5-minute animation!!! Anyone who doesn’t find it dreamy is the crazy one!

On the other hand, it is kind of a GOSPEL TRUTH that “The ones crazy enough to believe that their idea can change the world are usually the ones who do”. And no different than any other “religion”, the core belief of entrepreneurship is heavily polluted. Those who have worked with self acclaimed entrepreneurs might have the experience that supports this contaminated ideology.

New age entrepreneurs are in style no doubt- but they fail today more than any time before! Not to say- the “people” the “government” the “system” is to blame along with anything that is not the “entrepreneur” self. This is a bit of a personal attitude problem that anyone must have encountered in an entrepreneur. But that necessarily is not enough to make a shut-down.

Now let us be positive-

We want entrepreneurs; we need them for a fresher system, better finance- both personal and collective! It is NOT their fault that they are completely clueless about what to do before, after and DURING entrepreneurship! The media, again, presents every legend in a paragraph and a 5-minute loop animation like the real-life will end by the time we reach the last line or the last frame and the next trend is going to be the READER himself or herself!

Guess what- the struggle takes up a lot of the time, realizing what went wrong, takes up the next lot, and putting the lesson in practice through the right way takes up the maximum period! After that, whatever the achievement we find shining has become predictable and a strategic outcome to the “LEGEND”. This is reality… that is why these people are motivational and inspiring. The ones with attitude- well, are NOT exactly making it in the long run! Because whoever has gone through that tough time, is bound to be humble. It is not an intention, neither a practice! This is the thing that happens itself to someone whilst going through a difficult journey, mostly alone!

Okay, all these vague sentences may have lost you. But in case you are an entrepreneur, or know someone who is, notice some prominent features that are not quite right! At least not in business. The problems with new-age entrepreneurs not only is killing time but gaining NO EXPERIENCE at the same time! Here are some that may sound CRAZY to an entrepreneur:


Do you know what you want exactly? Or are you doing it because you found it trending? Or the person you know/ follow has made a fortune and now narrates the story like it was easier than riding a bicycle? Or are you just tired of working for another person or NOT wanting to work and need to show off your point?

So far you must have found your answer and NOT willing to admit.

Guess what- an entrepreneur is the one thinking upside down! Or inside out- whatever direction you measure with!

THERE IS A VISION FIRST. That is a GIFT only few can acquire! Some are BORN with… the vision is to see something that is not there yet. Not in existence. The only way to bring it, in reality, is to CREATE something through EXISTING REAL OPTIONS!

Vision is sadly absent in 90% of the self-acclaimed entrepreneurs.


Let’s say you have picked one of the multiple options you encountered. But do you know how that option works? For example, you learned about IT ventures, creative ventures, digitals, and hospitality along with the ones of traveling. And you have picked Travel and tour. You may have travelled and liked it a lot so you want to invest in it. Again- DO YOU KNOW HOW THE PROCESS WORKS? Hiring people for different teams while you sit on top is NOT the process. Same goes for any other venture… sitting on top of teams and hoping they will do the work with the boss’s orders is NOT the process.


Whatever you want to do requires works with multiple channels that you do not even know of! A traveling agency needs a graphic design team, a team of IT professionals and guess what- a MEDICAL TEAM even! If you think hiring them all is enough- you are NOT an entrepreneur sadly! You are deluded.

You need to learn at least one thing professionally. The rest will surround the basic knowledge and you can then keep up with a team and if you are lucky, may have enough skills, knowledge, and experience to build your own venture! In case you have no prominent knowledge about anything, and just lucky enough to invest- you should invest in learning first. Learn anything- that is required for your VISION to work.


This pertains to the previous point. If you have not learned any professional skills and have not gathered necessary experiences, you have NO idea how much it requires to complete a task- either individually or by a team!

The crazy reality is- more people DOES NOT MEAN less time in every business! Precisely in the digitally dependent new age! Work has become easy for the users, not the insiders. If you have no idea how the programmers work, you will be hallucinating of placing an order, getting an app/ program/ anything in 30 minutes and delivering it to the client in an hour with a million in your bank account by the end of the day.

Even the most skilled professionals are clueless under an unskilled, unthoughtful boss. You hire designers for your marketing agency and you do not know how Brainstorming works, you end up shouting for taking up 2 hours for coming up with an idea! And I believe every designer has encounter such a hell-raiser boss who’s Facebook profile claims to be motivational, visionary but otherwise is the reality! Guess what- it may take 30 minutes to create a masterpiece after YEARS OF DEDICATED practice. Forget years, do you give them enough time to do regular works happily? Let alone dedicatedly! Or, do you realize your programmers may err while shuffling two entirely different programs? Do you give enough space to your marketing strategist to come up with an out-of-the-box strategy?


“Under an order” is NOT the answer… to anyone!


Most new-age entrepreneurs are sucked in into the internal office politics like dust into the vacuum cleaner. Reason? It is the only are they are familiar with and COMFORTABLE with. Guess what? Office politics comes after there is an established hierarchy in the office that takes years! Within 6 months, it is not possible to pick a favorite or divide and rule the team(s)! Because anyone MUST NOT HAVE enough time to be consumed by such factors while they are dedicated to establishing something!

Successful ventures sound so flawless and easy because they were focused. ON WORK which is performed by THE TEAM. If you think your team is falling behind because they are NOT working dedicatedly or even properly- do yourselves a favor- go sit your team (the one you hired), see how they work, listen and count the time. You will be mesmerized seeing they spend all their time WORKING!

Before setting up a bar of standard, be clear on does your team work for you?

Or, does your team include you?


Another pathetic outcome of not knowing how things work is hiring the wrong people! Not all the marketers are accurate for your company, not all creative professionals are the same and not writing contents is the same as a content strategy! Surprising right?

Here is an example:

You want to invest and run a digital marketing agency and with online research, you found there are a lot of animations that require sound. So you hire a sound engineer because you want to make masterpieces. After a while, you find not much such work that needs a sound engineer!

If you have NO necessary skill or common sense, you will create a new post just to keep a person with an ‘engineer’ in the job title who get ‘the salary’! A sad example maybe – you will make him the creative head- because “sound” is creative!

And without having any absolute idea about how the creative team of a digital marketing agency works, that HEAD will be creating a mess and will bounce that mess!

Few of the messes include- building impossible targets (that he or she found on Google while searching for amazing ideas) that has minimum relevance to your clientele and absolutely no connection with the creative performance. They may sometimes flash incredible ideas that only appear when there is another incredibly creative member in the team!

Is there any chance that creative head only sits numb in the evaluation meeting? And takes 2-3 days to evaluate that meeting because that is how long it took for them to understand all the TERMS spoken there? And clearly is it possible that that person complaints about all the team members while they are away? And you have no idea what is being demonstrated to your team?

If you are lost reading this, imagine what happens in real life pseudo entrepreneurship!


In case you are overwhelmed by the trends and will do anything to have a bunch of followers sharing your posts hitting thumbs up and have yourself printed on the newspaper, you must know what and how much credit means right?

Everything that is performed in your office is your accomplishment and every idea is your idea because you are the entrepreneur and the team is paid for their work…right?

And if there is even slightest resemblance to reality, BOSSES believe any idea that pops up in the head of an employee is INHERENTLY THEIRS!

Guess what – it is a matter of time of you being vanished!

Everything performed in your office- is an accomplishment of your team.

Every idea generated in your office- is from your team.

Every penny added to your office account- is earned by your team.

Every time you make an appearance- is because of the people behind you holding you up.



Entrepreneurship works with a group of people. Any venture works for a group of people to provide the products or services. Anyone who has minimum real-life experience knows that in regular life, these two groups are different in many ways. Their timing, clarity, demands are of two different worlds.

When these differences arise at a prime time, do you stand up for your team or against your team? Newbie entrepreneurs, those who DO NOT KNOW how things work, stand up for the clients to their team. They have this flashy belief because the clients pay, they must rule.

Guess what, clients pay for the ground you stand on. And the grounds you stand on are your people.

When clients make drastic demands, learn which one to entertain and which one to subside. If you are lucky enough to have a team with dedication, it is possible to work out the serious ones that have the possibility of growth for both parties. Learn how to subside professionally when your client is being unreasonable. DO NOT worship your client sacrificing your team. You are doing it entirely the opposite way then.

Before being an entrepreneur, be sure what you are getting into and do that right. Life is NOT a paragraph on Facebook wall. It takes time- enormous time to build what the legends built!

“You can start anytime” but where from? “Believe in yourself” but others too! “Keep going. Never quit” but will you keep going on the wrong road you have always taken and never quit being wrong? Or “Start over” with the right vision and mission?

Answer these accurately- check if it is really your thing. Entrepreneurship is glamorous only if you do it the right way.

Last but NOT least:

Being an entrepreneur with an arrogant attitude never works. Even if it did work a few times, it did so only for geniuses who worked miracles already to helped people overlook this flaw. And geniuses are not defined by how many followers they had on social media. They bring miraculous solutions to problems we never knew existed! Unless and until you have done so, revise yourself.

Be a genius. Be humble. Be an entrepreneur the world will cheer for NOT otherwise.

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